How Can I Help You?

I'm Randy Ingermanson, award-winning author of 6 novels. I've been teaching fiction for about 10 years, and I love it! I publish The Advanced Fiction Writing E-zine, the world's largest electronic magazine on how to write fiction, with over 30,000 readers. I also blog on The Advanced Fiction Writing Blog.

I believe there are three general areas I can help you with to make your fiction writing more successful:

  • Organizing Your Writing
  • Creating Your Story
  • Marketing Your Work

But if you want to be successful you need to put out some serious, substantial effort. You need to invest in yourself. You only have three resources to invest:

  • Invest your time to improve your writing
  • Invest your energy to do whatever it takes to get published
  • Invest your money in proven learning tools to help you use your time and energy effectively

I always love hearing from my former students who've gotten published. Hearing from one of them that they've sold their first novel (or second, or third) always makes my day. Seeing them get nominated for awards makes my day. Seeing their books in bookstores makes my day.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear: Not all my students get published. The ones who do have plenty of talent and they work hard, often for years and years. That's normal in the publishing industry. Publishing is a hard business, and there just aren't any guarantees. All I can do for anyone is to help them channel their talent and effort in the right directions.

I believe that nothing happens unless you take action.

On this page, there are a number of ways you can take action. These aren't the only ways, of course, but they're the main ways I can help you. Take a look and see if any of them are what you need RIGHT NOW.

Organizing Your Writing

Snowflake Pro Software

Randy is known around the world as “the Snowflake Guy” for his Snowflake method of designing a novel. Now he’s created software to make the Snowflake method fast, easy, and fun. And he’s got a $pecial deal going on right now for Snowflake Pro, his hottest-selling product.

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“Clean Up Your Act!” Teleseminar Series

If you want to be a professional writer, you need to start acting like a pro — the sooner the better. I interviewed strategic planning expert Allison Bottke in a series of five teleseminars. Allison helped me with the strategic planning for my own writing business, and she can help you with yours. We had the entire series professionally recorded so you can now listen to each one just as if you were on the phone with us live!

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Creating Your Story

Writing Fiction for Dummies

This book summarizes just about everything I’ve ever taught about writing fiction in one handy reference. I wrote the book especially for new writers, but I’m pretty sure that even multipublished authors will learn a number of new tricks.

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Marketing Your Work

The Writers Conference Survival Guide

The absolute best way to find an agent or editor is at a writing conference. Discover everything you need to know about writing conferences from Meredith Efken, a published novelist and freelance editor.

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“Super Performing Articles” Special Report

Once you get published, you still need to know how to market your work effectively. One technique I use is creating and promoting “SuperArticles” — online articles that generate large amounts of mindshare, fame, and cash for me. There’s a right way and a wrong way to do this.

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“Promoting Your Writing by Public Speaking” Teleseminar Series

One of the best ways to promote your writing is by public speaking. You get paid to speak, PLUS you have the opportunity to promote your excellent books! Such a deal! I interviewed a professional speaker, Mary Byers, and picked her brain for all her secrets.

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