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The following articles have stood the test of time and have helped hundreds of thousands of writers:

Getting Your Novel Published

Getting a novel published by a traditional royalty-paying publisher is a worthy goal. It means that qualified professional editors and marketers believe in your novel. It means that there’s a market for your work.

How do you get there from here? In this article, I explain what it takes to get published and I talk about my own road to publication.

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Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Author!

Where are you exactly on the road to publication? I’ve identified four stages that most aspiring novelists go through. Want to know where you stand and how to move on to the next level? Don’t miss this article and the interactive quiz at the end of it.

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The Snowflake Method of Designing a Novel

You have several choices for your “creative paradigm” that you’ll use to write the first draft of your novel. One of the most common is my “Snowflake method” which has become wildly popular around the world. Find out why so many people have become Snowflakers in the last ten years and learn whether this powerful method might work for you.

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Writing the Perfect Scene

Every novelist must master the art of writing scenes, because scenes are the fundamental units of fiction. Yes, it’s possible to write a perfect scene. Find out how right now.

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Recommended Books on Writing

From the zillions of books you can buy on how to write fiction, I show you my favorites and help you decide which is the perfect book for you to read next.

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