Are You Dreaming of Writing A Novel … Someday?

Which of these describes YOU?

  • You always wanted to write a novel but didn’t know how to get started
  • You started writing your novel and want to learn how to write better
  • You finished writing your novel and need to polish it
  • You revised your novel and want to get it published
  • You published your novel and want to market it

Here’s How I Can Help

If you checked any of the statements above, then you are precisely the person I created this web site for. Here at, I teach you:

  • How to organize your thoughts before you start writing
  • How to write powerful fiction that moves readers
  • How to analyze and edit your work until it gleams
  • How to find an agent and write a proposal for your novel
  • How to market yourself effectively

Where Do You Start?

Feel free to browse around my site and see what’s here. Almost everything is free.
Here are a few places you might start:

What’s The Catch?

Why is there so much free stuff here? Is there a catch? Am I selling something?

No, there’s no catch. I’m a teacher. Teachers teach. We just can’t help ourselves. My mission is to create great fiction writers. I’ve been teaching for a long time, but I don’t love traveling. A web site lets me teach from home.

Yes, I have a few products for sale, but I prefer to sell them only to my enthusiastic fans. I have enough of those that I don’t have to do a hard sell to you. You’re welcome to browse this site and never buy a blessed thing.

Have fun!
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