Want Me To Speak At Your Conference?

Well, drat! As of September, 2015, I’ve decided to take a sabbatical from teaching at conferences. I love teaching, because nothing is more fun than hanging out with writers, the coolest people in the universe. But I really need to focus on my writing right now. So I’m no longer accepting any more requests to teach. I’ll honor my existing commitments for next year, but I’m not making any new ones.

Sounds cool! I love teaching novelists how to write fiction and I might be able to come speak at your conference. However…

Please be aware that I simply can’t speak very often.

The reason is that my time is horribly limited. I spend half my time as Director of Software Engineering at a biotech company in San Diego. I’m currently working on creating some cool teaching products to help budding novelists. I have a boatload of novels in my brain trying desperately to get out. I have a wife and three daughters who like me to be at home. And, oh yeah, I am Chief Butler and Manservant to three surly and demanding cats.

I’ve found that every time I speak at a conference, about two weeks of my life disappears into preparation, travel, speaking, more travel, and recovery time. I love the teaching part, but the preparation, travel, and recovery—not so much.

Because my plate is so full, I limit myself to a very few speaking engagements per year. It’s not that I’m snooty. It’s just that life is short and my To Do List is long. I’m sure you understand.

Please note that it’s much easier for me to do something by phone. So if you’re a podcaster wanting to do an interview, that’s easy.

To see where I’m currently booked to speak, check out my Speaking Calendar Page.

To read my bio and get all the annoying media material you’d need if you booked me to speak, visit my Bio and Media Page.

To email me about possibly booking me to speak at your conference, drop by my Book Randy Page. But you’ll understand if I have to say no.

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