Rules For Posting

You’re welcome to post a comment on my blog. However, I have a few rules. I have a wonderful community of fiction writers here. If you post comments that are helpful to fiction writers, then all will be well.

Here are the rules:

  1. The first time you post a comment, my system will hold it for me to moderate. I’ll read it within the day and either accept it or mark it as spam, depending on what I think it is.
  2. After you’ve posted a comment once, my system will display your comments right away. However, it will flag any of a large number of “bad” words or common names of pharmaceuticals as spam. It will also flag anything else that resembles spam. I have to sort through the spam and I may retrieve something if my system made an error.
  3. Any comment containing a link is automatically held for moderation, even if you’ve posted before. This is because spammers frequently post comments with links. When I moderate your post, I’ll ask myself whether your link is an ad or is legitimate, and will take action accordingly.
  4. Any comments that contain personal attacks on my blog readers will draw action from me. I will either edit the comment, or send it to spam hell, or (for repeated and flagrant offenders) ban the attacker. Anything you need to say on this blog, you can say nicely.
  5. I’m a public figure and you are free to attack me personally. That’s the price I pay for being who I am. Be aware that if you get rude to me, some of my blog readers may get upset with you and may respond in kind to you up to the level of rudeness you choose to operate at. That’s the price you pay.

Have fun!

Randy Ingermanson, Ph.D.

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