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What if You Had a Secret Crush on a Co-worker and Then Realized…

What if you had a secret crush on a co-worker and then realized she was probably trying to kill you?

My Loyal Blog Readers may be interested to know that I’m running a 99-cent special on my e-book Oxygen on Amazon, B&N, Apple, and Smashwords. Here’s a blurb:

Oxygen, A NovelBob Kaganovski has had a secret crush on his fellow astronaut Valkerie Jansen for over a year.

Halfway to Mars, an explosion leaves their crew of four with only enough oxygen for one of them to make it the Red Planet alive.

The pilot is left in a coma.

The mission commander is coming unglued.

Valkerie is the prime suspect.

Bob has to make sense of it all, but his head and his heart are in violent disagreement. And somebody has to figure out who gets to live and who has to die in order to save the mission.

If you’ve ever dreamed about having a geeky romance on a sabotaged mission to Mars (admit it, you’ve dreamed about this millions of times), then Oxygen is for you.

My co-author and I had hoped to work in some cool controversy on science, faith, the meaning of life, the existence of God, and possibly even the Coke versus Pepsi debate. But we forgot, dang it.

Oxygen is 99 cents until midnight on Tuesday, August 27, 2013. (Please note that Amazon adds a hefty surcharge in some countries outside the US. This is way above my pay grade. Also, the Apple store may not charge the exact price-equivalent  of 99 cents outside the US, but it should be close. Smashwords seems to offer just about the same price all around the planet, and they have it in numerous formats, including Kindle, ePub, and PDF.)

Where To Buy Oxygen

Start your journey to Mars at Amazon.

Ride a rocket to glory on Barnes & Noble.

Take a deep breath of Oxygen on Smashwords.

Or search for “oxygen ingermanson” on the Apple iTunes Bookstore.

A personal note to my Loyal Blog Readers: Some of you know that this has been a difficult month for me. My dad has been suffering with emphysema for more than a decade. This summer, he began to decline rapidly, and he died on August 11. It seems horribly ironic to me now, but Oxygen was one of his favorite books.

Many people have asked how I’m doing. The answer is “better than I had expected.”

I hope to resume normal blogging soon. I’m blogging today mainly because this 99-cent special was scheduled a long time ago, as part of an ad campaign on BookBub.

What Are You Reading This Week?

What with the July 4 holiday and various deadlines in my life, it’s been a whole week since I blogged. I’ve got my critique group tonight, so I’ll need to be brief today.

My question for today: What are you reading this week? (You can cheat and say what you read last week, if you want.)

I’ll start. Last week I read Tosca Lee’s forthcoming novel HAVAH for endorsement. If I could write as well as Tosca, I’d consider myself a writer. HAVAH will be out in October. It’s a novel about Eve (as in Adam and Eve). I had thought there was not much to say about that story. I was wrong. One thing I like about Tosca is that she makes me think about things in a whole new way. Tosca tells me she’s not good at math, but she is (despite that tragic flaw) brilliant. If you read her first novel DEMON, you know what I mean.

I also read THE GOOD GUY, by Dean Koontz, which is about a “regular guy” in a bar who meets a stranger who mistakes him for a hired assassin and gives him $10000 and the photo of a woman to murder. Of course, this regular guy has to poke his nose into this business and try to save the woman. A good, fast yarn, very much the kind I like to read. Here’s a link on Amazon.

I was on quite a roll last week, and I also reread BLOOD BROTHERS, by Rick Acker. I had read it several months ago for endorsement, and got an autographed copy in the mail from Rick last week. I don’t normally reread books, but I did this one. I enjoyed it even more the second time than the first. This is a legal thriller about two feuding brothers who own a pharmaceutical company and are fighting it out for a new billion-dollar drug, so there’s a nice science backdrop and some good fight scenes PLUS really authentic legal manuevering in the courtroom (Rick is a lawyer in the Bay Area). To be honest, I liked this novel better than the Koontz novel. That takes nothing away from Dean, of course. It’s just that Rick’s book is EXACTLY the kind of book I like to read. And it was very well done. BLOOD BROTHERS is just off the presses and is available on Amazon now.

I’m also rereading Book #6 in the Harry Potter series. I’ve been reading the whole series aloud to my kids for the last several months. They’re of course way too old to be read to, but it’s a family tradition that goes back almost 20 years, and we all really enjoy it, so we’ve kept it up a lot longer than you are “supposed to.” My kids don’t much like Book #6 for some reason, although I do. They like Book #5, which was not such a favorite of mine. But hey, they’re all pretty darned good, and I’ll no doubt end up reading the whole series another 10 times.

What are you reading this week? Got any recommendations for some GREAT fiction?

The Most Fun I’ve Had In A Long Time

I am working on my Advanced Fiction Writing E-zine today, and am taking a few minutes off to blog.

Today is also the day a new online magazine about fiction is launching, and I was asked to write a humor column for it. (Am I qualified to write humor? I have no idea.) The editor asked me to write like Andy Rooney. I decided I didn’t know how to write like Andy, but I could write like Randy. So I wrote an article and it was the absolute most fun I’ve had writing anything in ages.

Check out the results here, in my spoof article titled Three Reasons To Ban All Non-Amish Novels. The editor found it necessary to explain one of my jokes in parentheses, but other than that, the article made it through the gamut unharmed.

OK, I’m going back to work on my e-zine.

My Latest Publication

I’m going to interrupt our current series of blogs on One-Sentence Summaries of novels, to make a quick announcement. Tomorrow, we’ll get back to business.

Ahem, my announcement: I have recently had yet another work of art published. This one is not a book, it’s an article.

A little backstory first. As many of my loyal blog readers know, I’ve been a part of the evolving story of the alleged Jesus family tomb since it was announced about a year ago with much fanfare. Like most everyone else on the planet, I am skeptical that this tomb ever housed the mortal remains of Jesus of Nazareth. Of course, it’s possible. The question is — what are the odds?

Being a theoretical physicist and a troublemaker with far too much time on my hands, I have written some articles over the past year that got me quite a bit of notice. In fact, back in late October of last year, a statistics peer-reviewed journal, The Annals of Applied Statistics, asked me to be a referee for the forthcoming paper by Prof. Andrey Feuerverger, the statistician who was hired to analyze the alleged Jesus family tomb.

So I spent a considerable part of November and December reviewing Dr. Feuerverger’s article and writing a response article. I also took the opportunity to do some new calculations to improve on my previous work. One rather unusual issue was that Dr. Feuerverger requested that his paper NOT be circulated prior to publication. (Normally, academics are only too happy to get preprints out as far and as fast as possible.) So I honored that request, and in fact have not really made any public comments on the tomb controversy.

But now Dr. Feuerverger’s article has been published, along with comments by eight referees, including mine. I have posted a new article on my web site that summarizes all the new info (many, many pages in the journal, not to mention a 29 page supplementary article that the journal asked me to include on their web site that details my latest calculations).

You can read all about it in my article: Analysis of Andrey Feuerverger’s Article on the Jesus Family Tomb. I know not all of you will be interested in this, nor will all of you even understand why I’ve put so many hours of my time into this apparently absurd project. The answer is that it was just something I wanted to do, and I didn’t think anyone else would do it quite the way I wanted. So I did it.

Tomorrow, we’ll continue on with our study of those pesky One-Sentence Summaries. See ya then!

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