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On Taking Action

I blog here five days per week, usually late at night Sunday through Thursday so the blogs appear for you Monday through Friday. So today is a day off for me, but I wanted to give you two links which I came across today:

First, a post today on one of the very few blogs I read. It’s a post by James Brausch on taking action. Take a look! I think you’ll like it. And no, I didn’t know James was going to blog on this when I wrote my blog yesterday. But he’s the guy I learned from on the subject of taking action.

Interestingly, Yvette left a comment today, which I’ll quote here in part:

Just last night my husband and I were priveledged to have dinner with James Brausch and his wife, the guy you mentioned in one of your earlier post. (We are both located in Costa Rica.)

We had a great time, and when I asked what it is he does, he says that he is an actor. He thinks of a product or idea, then acts on it. Of course he mentioned other things, but we all need to be actors to some degree.

Randy sez: Well said! James doesn’t “think about it” when he wants to get something done. He does it.

The other blog I’m linking to today is an interview with Dean Koontz on Novel Journey, which is a blog run by my friends, Gina Holmes, Ane Mulligan, and Jessica Dotta. Check it out! This may very well be the best interview I’ve ever seen. Dean is a Seat-Of-The-Pants writer, which is the right decision for him. As I’ve said many times, each one of us needs to use the methods of writing that work for us. And what works for me won’t necessarily work for you, but it has a chance.

Check out Dean’s interview. I’m gonna break early tonight and watch a movie!

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