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I Hit My Deadline

A quick note to say that I hit my deadline yesterday for completing the first draft of FICTION WRITING FOR DUMMIES. I’ve been silent lately because I’ve been working hard to get it done on time. By my count, it’s over 120,000 words, which is a lot to write in four months.

I should start getting revision requests back within a week or two, so I’ll soon be back at the grindstone, but for now, I’ve got a few free hours. It’s nice to be done. I’ve rethought a few things about fiction writing as I tried to make things simpler and better.

Sam The Plumber On Coaching

I’ve been working hard on the alpha testing for Snowflake Pro. I have a team of 23 testers and we’re making rapid progress. I will of course notify all my e-zine readers when Snowflake Pro is ready for prime time.

In the meantime, it’s worth noting that my latest humor column, featuring the ever-enthusiastic Sam the Plumber, is now posted online. You can read all about “The Wife Coach” here.

Have fun!

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